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Big Data Companies in India

11 Big Data companies in India herald the arrival of the global big data wave in the country

The big data companies in India focus on different platforms and technologies across a multitude of verticals from telecom, social media, enterprise data

big data companies in india

Startups in India are offering almost all the solutions in the big data space

We will look at 11 Big Data companies in India along with their basic profile information. You can get more details from their website links. Previously I had written on the big data opportunity in India.

Affine Analytics

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Website: affineanalytics.com

Expertise: A provider of high-end analytics services to solve complex business problems to retail, e-Commerce, banking and telecom sector.


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Website: bridgei2i.com

Expertise: A provider of customer intelligence, marketing effectiveness, price optimization, risk management, operations planning and sales effectiveness through big data.

e-cognosys Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Website: ecognosys.com

Expertise: A provider of global information technology products, solution engineering, services and outsourcing focused in the areas of Cloud Computing, HPC, Big Data, Data Sciences, Data warehousing/BI, Mobile Computing, R&D and specialized services in outsourcing.

Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Website: fluturasolutions.com

Expertise: A provider of M2M big data solutions and Info monetization solutions.


Location: The Netherlands
Website: flytxt.com

Expertise: A provider of big data analytics powered solutions and services for the telecom service providers.

Fractal Analytics Inc.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Website: fractalanalytics.com

Expertise: A provider of data analytics to help companies compete on analytics and in understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behavior.


Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Website: godatadriven.in

Expertise: A part of Xebia group which is a specialized software development and consultancy organization with a key focus on Big Data, Enterprise mobile & IT architecture. Through its big data division GoDataDriven, it provides solutions/services & training in Hadoop and related big data technologies.

Reach1to1 Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Website: reach1to1.com

Expertise: A software development and consulting company focused on Search & Analytics using Lucene, Solr, Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, and other Open Source technologies.

Scientel Information Technology, Inc.

Location: Bingham Farms, Michigan
Website: scientel.com

Expertise: A provider of big data, software, hardware, systems design/ development, big data analytics and e-Commerce solutions.

Trendwise Analytics

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Website: trendwiseanalytics.com

Expertise: A provider of end-to-end big data services and offerings including data management, data modeling & data analysis, consulting, project implementation, product development and staff augmentation for analytics resources


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Website: bizosys.com

open source search and analytics engine, HSearch, which provides real time performance on Apache Hadoop platform.Read more at: http://www.informationweek.in/informationweek/news-analysis/277151/innovative-startups-founded-indian-entrepreneurs?utm_source=referrence_article

Expertise: A provider of data analytics using its own H-Search platform to help companies in understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behavior.


The above list of big data companies in India keep increasing month on month which only highlights the potential for growth. Do you know about any other interesting big data companies in India?