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11 Hottest Technology trends 2014 – Keep ahead of the Pack

Hottest Technology trends 2014 you should know to keep yourself ahead of the pack in the IT industry.

If you are thinking of opening your own start-up and want to check up on the latest trends in programming then refer to the below hottest technology trends 2014

hottest technology trends 2014

Cut through the noise & hype of all the languages out there and focus on the ones that matter. The hottest technology trends 2014

In today’s world it is very difficult not to worry or contemplate on how to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of technology. Is big data important or should I focus on front facing client applications? Why not server-side data base application? They will always need servers and databases.

Is there a better way to stop gazing into the crystal ball and focus more on what is now in hot demand. By going through the latest trends in the enterprise and start-up space, I have complied a list of the hottest technology trends 2014.


How to make a wise choice on which of the hottest technology trends 2014 to follow?

The simple steps are:

  1. Go through the list.
  2. Find the domain or language you work in
  3. You like the domain/ language and want to specialize in it. Check whether the domain/ language is in the list. If yes, then go for it. Else,
  4. If you want to change domain for the same language or change language for the same domain. Go through the list, match the domain / language which will help you to change and go for it

 The Hottest Technology trends 2014 are:

1. Content Delivery: Look at the client-side techniques, CDN‘s and RESS (Responsive Server Side Component) architectures for faster loading your web content.

2. Virtual networks: All big enterprises use these today. Skills include enabling virtual/software based networking services such as firewalls, NAT, virtual routing. e.g. Cisco’s QvBN.

3. Cloud  computing – From chrome-books to SaaS/ CaaS from enterprises, cloud is the way to go. Learn Openstack and important APIs from cloud  vendors like AWS, Microsoft,

4. Web services & scalability – REST architectures, frameworks  for developing web-services quickly and cheaply – Django, Pyramid etc.

5. Mobility – Apps and technologies to improve mobile applications both on  Android and iOS. PHP, Objective-C (iOS), Ruby, Java Scrip + CSS + HTML

6. Mobile access – 4G (LTE) enabled technologies such as mobile broadcast (eMBMS), VoLTE all IP-based native SIP services on mobile networks. Languages are C, C++ etc

7. Testing Technologies:  Test other applications for user experience, software/code debugging, hardware products testing, mobile apps, network devices, analytics results

8. Big data Libraries:  Use them to allow easier manipulation of data such as ‘R’, Matlab, Python modules etc.

9. Open source applications: These are super powerful applications and you can use them to build your own technology/ app. XAMPP, Chromium, OpenCV, Ubuntu. Wiki list of Open source Programming Languages

10. BIG DATA and server-side technologies: JavaScript (node.js, mongodb, meteor etc),NoSQL (mongodb etc), Java EE and related (look for Apache projects, Spring, Hibernate etc), HADOOP, R, HIVE

Hope the information has been of use to you. Do you believe that there are other technologies which are becoming mainstream and not covered in the list above? Would love to hear about some of these from you.

INFOGRAPHIC – World Cup Breaks Social Media Records


FIFA 2014 WC will redefine big data social media stats forever !

World Cup Social Media Stats

Big Data scientists will be busy thanks to the World Cup FIFA breaking all social media records



Big Data Companies in India

11 Big Data companies in India herald the arrival of the global big data wave in the country

The big data companies in India focus on different platforms and technologies across a multitude of verticals from telecom, social media, enterprise data

big data companies in india

Startups in India are offering almost all the solutions in the big data space

We will look at 11 Big Data companies in India along with their basic profile information. You can get more details from their website links. Previously I had written on the big data opportunity in India.

Affine Analytics

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Expertise: A provider of high-end analytics services to solve complex business problems to retail, e-Commerce, banking and telecom sector.


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Expertise: A provider of customer intelligence, marketing effectiveness, price optimization, risk management, operations planning and sales effectiveness through big data.

e-cognosys Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Expertise: A provider of global information technology products, solution engineering, services and outsourcing focused in the areas of Cloud Computing, HPC, Big Data, Data Sciences, Data warehousing/BI, Mobile Computing, R&D and specialized services in outsourcing.

Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Expertise: A provider of M2M big data solutions and Info monetization solutions.


Location: The Netherlands

Expertise: A provider of big data analytics powered solutions and services for the telecom service providers.

Fractal Analytics Inc.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Expertise: A provider of data analytics to help companies compete on analytics and in understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behavior.


Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Expertise: A part of Xebia group which is a specialized software development and consultancy organization with a key focus on Big Data, Enterprise mobile & IT architecture. Through its big data division GoDataDriven, it provides solutions/services & training in Hadoop and related big data technologies.

Reach1to1 Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Expertise: A software development and consulting company focused on Search & Analytics using Lucene, Solr, Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, and other Open Source technologies.

Scientel Information Technology, Inc.

Location: Bingham Farms, Michigan

Expertise: A provider of big data, software, hardware, systems design/ development, big data analytics and e-Commerce solutions.

Trendwise Analytics

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Expertise: A provider of end-to-end big data services and offerings including data management, data modeling & data analysis, consulting, project implementation, product development and staff augmentation for analytics resources


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

open source search and analytics engine, HSearch, which provides real time performance on Apache Hadoop platform.Read more at:

Expertise: A provider of data analytics using its own H-Search platform to help companies in understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behavior.


The above list of big data companies in India keep increasing month on month which only highlights the potential for growth. Do you know about any other interesting big data companies in India?



Big Data in India can help in overcoming the country’s main challenges

Big Data in India can potentially alleviate major challenges faced in the field of education, health, energy, crime, national security, employment, food production and governance.

big data in india

Big Data has already seen success in its initial use to solve various challenges which countries are facing

Big Data refers to collection of huge data sets (in the range of exabyte) which are so complex and unstructured that they cannot be analysed using a traditional data processing software. Traditional data is very structured i.e. it fits into neat columns in MS Excel/ MS Access which are of defined format. Such data can be easily analysed using off the shelf computer software.

Now think of India and all the information which is been generated every second by its billion inhabitants. Daily there are reports getting generated by various government agencies. The reports pertain to crucial information on health, education, social programs, government spends, crime, GDP, industry, agriculture to name a few. These reports are either on paper files or stored on offline department computers in various formats. Then there are private enterprises generating petabytes of data based on consumer online shopping behaviour, credit card usage, online social media updates or simple phone calls. Add NGO and individual initiatives which monitor jungle depredation to potable drinking water in remote villages. Indians are generating unfathomable amounts of data in varied formats using different devices at different speeds of generations. This gargantuan data breeding animal makes for a strong case that  Big Data in India can alleviate its myriad challenges. Let’s for a moment assume that we can make all this data available online and available to Big Data processing softwares. In such a world, what can we do in various sectors using Big Data in India?

Big Data in India
In India there is disparity between what skills education offers and what skills are needed for available jobs

 Education:  In India the unemployment rate has increased. Meanwhile the private education sector is booming. However as students pass out and do not get jobs, this sector too will turn less lucrative in the near future. Now assume we have different sectors, from private construction companies to government PWD department, job data available online with details like how many people are employed, for what positions and the salary bandwidth. Government websites will have data on NREGA and other employment opportunities and job sites will have private sector jobs will corresponding qualifications required. Education department has information on how many students have which qualifications along with the curriculum they have mastered. Big Data applications can then match the job opportunity with what the education sector is teaching. This will lead to more relevant on job training, help students decide better what stream to pursue other than “engineering and commerce”, updating of school curriculums and direct freshers to the real locations where job opportunities are available.

big data in india
Crop production in India out of sync with demand patterns and weather impact forecasts

Food production: Fresh on everyone’s mind is the case of onion prices shooting through the roof and images on prime time TV showing affected home makers. Today, farmers are at the mercy of the weather and have no visibility to future demand predictions across India for their produce. Notwithstanding the fact the sector requires massive government policy changes, Big Data application can make dramatic changes. Weather pattern data from meteorological department can be paired with wholesale market sales data to derive which crops will be in shortage. So if heavy rain is predicted in Punjab, then UP can shift from rice to wheat for a crop cycle as there is a high possibility of Punjab wheat crop getting affected. Punjab farmers can shift to rice or green vegetables which are more resistant to rain. The fallout will be more stable wheat prices and better profits for the farmers of both the states.

big data in India
Today police and security forces react only when the crime has taken place. By then it’s too late for the victim

Crime: The historical background of all criminals from fraudsters to petty thiefs to eve teasers to murderers to terrorists is spread across police stations, military and court archives. The location of known criminals, along with latest crime reports mapped to the socio-economic condition of various localities can help todays police force deploy patrols much more effectively. In fact this has already been successfully applied in Memphis USA to effectively patrol the city and the program is very popular with the citizens.  Another effective use case, would be monitoring real-time sale of liquor in a city’s pubs and directing traffic police to those locations.

big data in india
Energy generation and distribution companies monitor only real-time supply and demand. There is minimal planning in forecasting the situation leading to grid collapse at its worst

Energy: Last year the of Northern, Eastern and North Eastern grids collapsed in July plunging 620mn people into the darkness. This can be avoided if stakeholders can execute proper planning aided by Big Data. Electricity meters from every single household, shop and factory mapped with weather conditions will forecast demand surge. Forex rate, bank lending rates, diesel prices will forecast more demand from the industrial sector. Housing sector data will identify future demand areas. Big Data in this way will forecast short term and long term demand patterns. Similarly rain and snow melt data mapped with developments which impact crude production overlaid with the state of the generation and transmission infrastructure will predict challenges on the supply side of the energy story.

big data in india
Different hospitals and state health care centers do not share information among themselves to predict possible epidemics

Epidemics: India boasts about having the longest list of diseases which can lead to epidemics. Lots of cases of dengue or malaria get treated at private hospitals and the information stays there. If every single case is registered online as patients got admitted then based on historical disease occurrence in severity and time along with weather patterns and drainage situation, Big Data applications can detect zones at high risk of epidemics. Municipalities and rural healthcare departments can send fumigation and health inspection teams to these areas to reduce the probabilities of breakout. They can make sure that all hospitals and rural health care centers have adequate medicine stocks for treating afflicted people. This logic can be applied to veterinary sciences for livestock epidemic monitoring too.

Tax, Inflation, Governance, National Security all can derive similar benefits from Big Data in India. Successful use cases in each of the above mentioned sectors have been demonstrated by governments of many developed countries. Execution of Big Data in India will help its citizens lead a more stable and fulfilling life.

However there are major challenges to adoption of Big Data in India. Transparency will not be welcome by many vested groups whose power and money comes lack of information. India, tied down with bureaucratic inefficiencies, lack of funds for IT infrastructure developement and data sciences staff will take a long time to execute Big Data. The first major successes will come from large private enterprises in banking, telecom, payment, e-commerce and social marketing using the expertise of Big Data Startups in India. Yet there is hope that some visionaries in the government will create pools of excellence of Big Data in India.


Big Data Opportunity in India

big data opportunity in india

Big Data with its 3Vs; Volume, Variety, Velocity and now Veracity ; is now touted as the next growth industry globally

Big Data opportunity in India versus Big Data opportunity in USA. All American corporates are hailing Big Data as their savior. The next batch of billionaires and billion dollars are predicted to come from this industry. Companies will better understand correlation between customer’s online social and buying behavior. This will help them to offer better targeted products/ solutions for even better profits. The days of human search for causality are over. Large, in fact gigantic super computers will find hidden gems among huge mass of unstructured and structured data and monetize the same. As all things from USA go, even India has caught the Big Data fever.

I did a Google trends dive into where “Big Data” searches were coming from. And this is what I found. India tops the list followed by USA, Australia and the rest of the developed countries pack. This seems to prove my point that there should be a big Big Data opportunity in India. 100 means the country where maximum search terms for “Big Data” has originated.

But a closer look shows the very different nature of the opportunity existing in both markets. USA is the “Adopter” land. Companies are embracing Big Data or are creating the Big Data solutions. Venture Capitalists are funding these start ups. Money is been poured into this sector for a hopefully brighter tomorrow. India on the other hand in trying to cash in on this wave. Not by providing solutions. Neither by adopting Big Data as a way of doing business. But by selling it professional maintenance services. India sees the opportunity to do the back end management of this vertical too which has been the corner stone of its IT industry. That is the nature of Big Data opportunity in India. So in India, the searches are sky rocketing as companies and their employees read up on what is Big Data and search for opportunities in the other markets for deals.

So what does this imply for the Indian behemoths who are at the forefront of the Indian Big Data wave.

Big Data opportunity in India

Low skill set, low wages engineers will be the basis of the Big Data opportunity in India

1. Low Cost model: The whole managed services industry is built upon low cost model. Each of the Indian companies will have to offer maintenance services at ever lower margin levels with Forex rates, wage inflation playing havoc. The American companies will not see any incremental value differentiation in these maintenance deals versus existing.So they will pay more or less the current existing rates for maintenance.

2. Lesser skill job creation: Big Data is all about super computers. Number crunching giants. The core technology code will reside with the companies creating the solutions abroad. Mostly the Indian IT companies will get Big Data deals which will be viewed as additional projects from existing client relationships.

3. Opportunity lost once again: The last internet wave saw giants emerge in USA. Google, FB, Amazon, Oracle, IBM.. the list is endless. India completely missed the wave as it played the low cost out sourcing model card. It was appropriate then. Now there is a technology startup culture developing in the IT hubs across India. However the way the IT behemoths are approaching this opportunity will mean that we are sure to miss the boat again. Instead of developing a world class Big Data solution which they can sell easily continuously with only a focused sales and development team, they are again going in for the world of endless negotiations and nominal profits

So there is a Big Data opportunity in India, but the current approach is a suboptimal one. Start ups and IT behemoths alike need to rethink, realign and ride the crest of the Big Data wave.